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I like traditions, and the national anthem is important.

I like traditions, and the national anthem is important.

All the actors I respect, especially old-Hollywood actors, the reason I think so many of them have had long careers is that there is a sort of mystery about them. You don't know what they do on Friday nights when they go home from work. You have no clue. You have this sort of fantasy about them. ---->>>

Keeping your private life as private as possible is the smartest thing. ---->>>

I hate being in Los Angeles when it's football season. I want to be in New York. It just doesn't feel right if I'm away. ---->>>

I have a ridiculous fear of sharks but I'd jump in the water in a second for an amazing role.

I have a ridiculous fear of sharks but I'd jump in the water in a second for an amazing role.

There's nothing worse than people who want to make you feel better when you are losing. I just want to smack them. ---->>>

Whenever I dream about flying, it's the best feeling in the world. ---->>>

Eventually you get bored and you want to work. ---->>>

Everybody has to be responsible for their own actions - and if they do something wrong, I believe in paying for it. ---->>>

I want to do something crazy for a part - something I'd never even consider in real life. ---->>>

I wish no teams had cheerleaders. I find it more distracting than anything else. ---->>>

Let's be honest: I just want a Super Bowl ring. ---->>>

I remember telling the agent, 'I don't want to do anything but Broadway.' She was like, 'That's not really possible because there is not that much Broadway. So I'll send you out on TV and stuff like that.' ---->>>

I was excited to get the opportunity to sing something in a movie 'cause I love musicals and I would love to be able to do more movie musicals, in the future. ---->>>

Even when I was a kid, I had this insane head of flaming hair. It looked like a wig. ---->>>

Rooting for the offense is the safe way to go. You win either way. ---->>>

I am so loyal. ---->>>

I've always wanted to do a period piece. ---->>>

If 10 years ago I was told I'd be where I am now, I would've been pretty happy. ---->>>

In New York, you can just wake up and everything sorts itself out. I love that, not having a plan. ---->>>

I don't ever take anything for granted. ---->>>

I feel like I'm exactly where I should be. ---->>>

I feel so lucky. ---->>>

I hated school. ---->>>

I'm an idiot. ---->>>

I've definitely become more aware and conscious of what directors I'm working with because it's so important. The director is really more than half the battle of the film. You really rely on that. That's become really, really important to me, for sure. ---->>>

When my agents tell me how much I'm going to be paid for a film, instead of quoting a figure, they'll say: 'You're going to make ten pairs of Christian Louboutins.' ---->>>

I have so many friends who have no idea what they want to do. They are out of college and working, but not sure they are doing what they want to do, which is normal. ---->>>

It's really nice to be in something that you really love and want to share with people. And then, for it to actually get shown and for people to be able to see it is awesome. It's really exciting. ---->>>


Name: Kate Mara
Nationality: American
Born: 02-27, 1983
Birthplace: Bedford, New York, U.S.
Occupation: Actress

Kate Rooney Mara ( MAIR-ə; born February 27, 1983) is an American actress. She starred in the Netflix political drama House of Cards as Zoe Barnes and appeared in the Fox TV series 24 as computer analyst Shari Rothenberg. She made her film debut in 1999 with Random Hearts. She appeared in Brokeback Mountain (2005), We Are Marshall (2006), Shooter (2007), Transsiberian (2008), Stone of Destiny (2008), The Open Road (2009), Transcendence (2014), Fantastic Four (2015) as Susan "Sue" Storm/The Invisible Woman, The Martian (2015), and Morgan (2016) (wikipedia)