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Costume design is so important and really helpful, and I really love that aspect of character development, just figuring it out.

Costume design is so important and really helpful, and I really love that aspect of character development, just figuring it out.

I find life so shocking in general. Everything about it surprises me. ---->>>

I feel like most actors just dig and dig and work and work in whatever way they do to try to do as much as they can to portray a character in the limited time they have to play it, whether it's six months or one month or one week of work, you know. ---->>>

I thought acting was what grownups did. It was such a part of my childhood. I was already in love with performing before I knew there were other options. By then, it was too late. ---->>>

I didn't find it difficult to live in the 'Inherent Vice' world or play those scenes, because they just seemed so real. ---->>>

I don't think Paul Thomas Anderson has a standard approach to anything. ---->>>

I feel like people assume if a character is very different than you, that means it's difficult to get into their head or into their skin. ---->>>

I look back at my adolescence, and I'm shocked at the things I did that were my idea of adult behavior. ---->>>

I was barely in 'Taking Woodstock.' ---->>>

I've always wanted to play the villain. But the young girl is never the villain. ---->>>

Seeing someone happy on set is just a very small slice of the reality of an actor's life. ---->>>

When I got to NYU, I immediately inquired about doing a double major in acting and photography. ---->>>

I didn't feel a specific pressure to prove myself because I had an actor in the family. I didn't feel that pressure to fill some big shoes or anything. ---->>>

I don't like to talk about things unless I have to. I don't like to talk a scene to death or overanalyze it, especially if I feel like I have some way in on my own. ---->>>

When you come from a family of actors, people in show business, they really know to celebrate good news and to celebrate it hard because it's not every day that you get it. ---->>>


Nationality: British
Born: 03-03, 1980
Birthplace: Westminster, London, England
Occupation: Actress

Katherine Boyer Waterston (born March 3, 1980) is an American actress. She made her feature film debut in Michael Clayton (2007). She then had supporting roles in films including Robot & Frank, Being Flynn (both 2012) and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her (2013) before her leading role as Shasta Fay Hepworth in Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice (2014) (wikipedia)