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Progressive economic policies lead to a sustainable economy. ---->>>

Environmental spending creates jobs in engineering, manufacturing, construction, materials, operations and maintenance.

Environmental spending creates jobs in engineering, manufacturing, construction, materials, operations and maintenance.

Our democracy is not something to be taken for granted. You have to fight for it. You have to commit yourself to working for it - for the long haul. ---->>>

Vehicle emissions standards directly sparked the development and application of a wide range of automotive technologies that are now found throughout the global automobile market. ---->>>

We need a strong farm bill that gives assistance to farmers during times of drought, creates markets for local goods, protects our environment, and helps struggling families bridge the gap between hard times and a full dinner table. ---->>>

Clean air and a healthy climate benefit all of us, but it will take a diverse coalition to step up to the threat posed by unchecked climate change. ---->>>

There must be something in the water in Minnesota because historically, despite its seemingly homogeneous population, the state has produced some of our more radical political thinkers, and its people have put their prejudices aside to vote for them. ---->>>

Americans used to be able to depend on their jobs to provide a stable retirement. ---->>>

Every now and again, people on the far right take a quote from a progressive out of context and use it to attack them. ---->>>

Those who seek the divine want to make this world a better place, which first requires that we communicate. ---->>>

A Republican philosophy goes something like this: If you take your car to the mechanic, and instead of fixing it, they take out the engine and charge you an arm and a leg, you should conclude that mechanics can't fix cars and you should probably just take yours to the junkyard and sell it for scrap metal. ---->>>

If you can make a movie, make one. If you can sing a song, sing it. If you can write a play, write it. If you want to run for office, run. But do something to make this world a better place. ---->>>

When you're a leader, you cannot ignore parts of your constituency, even if you know they're not going to vote for you. ---->>>

Republicans profess to be against deficits, but they are experts at creating and exacerbating deficits. ---->>>

The middle class should not continue to foot the bill for tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. ---->>>

We're Americans - in times of crisis, we step up. ---->>>

Middle class families should not be forced to scrape by with less while oil companies get away with more. ---->>>

Progressive policies implemented since the early 1900s launched America into the modern age and created a vibrant middle class. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 08-04, 1963
Occupation: Politician

Keith Maurice Ellison (born August 4, 1963) is an American politician. He has been the U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district since 2007 and Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee since 2017. Ellison is a member of the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL), the Minnesota state Democratic Party affiliate (wikipedia)