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I suppose there are a lot of reasons to be jaded or sarcastic or bitter in life, but I hang on to the reasons why life is beautiful.

I suppose there are a lot of reasons to be jaded or sarcastic or bitter in life, but I hang on to the reasons why life is beautiful.

The 'Carousel' overture has always been one of my all-time favorite pieces of music. ---->>>

I don't want to be famous for being famous.

I don't want to be famous for being famous.

It is such a luxury to open a new book that's highly recommended by friends - either an inspirational yet humorously self-deprecating memoir, or a page-turning piece of fiction. ---->>>

I was raised in Oklahoma. I was actually born in Tulsa, but I grew up in a small town on the west side of Oklahoma called Elk City on a farm, where my dad grew up, actually. ---->>>

I don't ever think about the roads I didn't take because I spend too much time thinking what's ahead. I don't go backwards. ---->>>

By no means, I can't sing any rock and roll. ---->>>

I think anything emotional adds to your acting and singing, no matter what it is that you go through. It will always add to it, never take away. ---->>>

I've always wanted my characters to have more dimension and realistic cores than the ingenue material often provides. It's been a challenge. ---->>>

In my special place, room service could only consist of my husband making me a breakfast of eggs, avocados, and hummus. And coffee with milk. ---->>>

'South Pacific' has a definite heaviness that people don't realize. It's got a seriousness and a message. ---->>>

I don't read reviews, because if you believe the good ones, you have to believe the bad. ---->>>

I feel so rich in my emotions and in my life and so grateful when I'm home and so grateful when I'm at work. ---->>>

My father named me Kelli because 'Kelli O'Hara' just sounded so Irish. ---->>>

I don't mind talking about my family and how to balance it all. But, in today's world, we should probably be asking both women and men about work and family and how to balance the two. ---->>>

I think it can be a good idea to know what you do well and use that to open the door for yourself. Once you open the door, close it behind you, and start to make changes. ---->>>

When you step out and do a song in a musical, the easier thing to do is make it funny. But when those transitions become necessary, when they aren't camp, that, to me, is magic. I've done musical comedies and enjoyed them, but subject matter that's deeper and more realistic is always what's appealed to me most. ---->>>

I've had great opportunities to show different sides of myself, but the challenge will always be getting either people to let you do it or finding the right things to do in order to do it. ---->>>

I was able to do concerts all the way up until two weeks before I had the baby; I thought I was stopping a month ahead, but he was three weeks early. ---->>>

Everyone's story is different, and we can't really be inside them. ---->>>

I never really try to watch the movie of the things I've been in. ---->>>

I don't ever sing classically when I am singing a contemporary score - I kind of try to fit in whatever needs to happen. ---->>>

I'm proud to be Irish. ---->>>

I've always wanted to do a Shakespeare play. ---->>>

I've been singing since I was nine or ten. ---->>>

Corned beef and cabbage - that's our favorite holiday meal when all the O' Haras gather around the table. ---->>>

Every part has its relief when I'm done with it. ---->>>

Everyone has these ideas, especially about the middle of the country, about people being backwards and three-toothed. ---->>>

I don't have that many family and friends. ---->>>

I love playing an ingenue, and I love doing revivals, and I will continue to do that. ---->>>

I love to play things that are out-of-the-box. It's just that I don't always get the chance to do it! ---->>>

I loved to sing and I loved to act, and I didn't want to continue opera because I wanted to act. ---->>>

I'm a mother, and when you have children, there's a protection. You'll do a lot to protect them, to do what's best for them. ---->>>

It's always hard - it's a little counterintuitive to leave your baby at any point during the infancy. ---->>>

It's really important that I have a personal life. ---->>>

My degree was in opera. ---->>>

My mom's side of the family is from Arkansas!

My mom's side of the family is from Arkansas!

Playing characters allows me to do things I may not always do, while singing in concerts allows me to really find my own voice and grow. ---->>>

Shakespeare has great ability to skirt around a subject and portray human nature. ---->>>

To play a character is to inhabit the world and the life of that character. ---->>>

When I was a kid, I would sing in people's living rooms and for different little family things. ---->>>

When you're pregnant, things - at least for me - get very sincere and very wholesome, and it's about family, and singing becomes about warmth. ---->>>

With a revival, you're compared to somebody else. ---->>>

You breathe fast when you're scared. ---->>>

My great-grandfather, Peter O'Hara, was born in Ireland, I believe, in County Clare. His father, my great-great-grandfather, had actually come to America a generation before when times were very bad in Ireland. He worked in the Pennsylvania area and did well with horses and farming. ---->>>

I grew up on a farm. ---->>>

If I get tickled in a certain way, I actually lose the ability to stand. I don't mean to, but something happens to my knees, and I fall on the ground. ---->>>

Some songs depend heavily on the character, but, for the most part, a great song begs for reinterpretation every time it is sung, even when in character. ---->>>

The hardest role that I've ever tried to play was Clara Johnson in 'Light in the Piazza' at Lincoln Center. It was the least fun I've ever had, but the most beautiful experience I've ever had. I could not understand her. I could not put my feet in her shoes. I came home every night, and I was depressed. ---->>>

There is such a cliche to certain roles that all I can do is to try to make them realistic and work for the times, and so the audience actually won't see me as a caricature of something, but rather as an actual person. ---->>>

We didn't have a lot of live theater in Oklahoma. I didn't visit New York when I was growing up. I watched movie musicals, and I believed in an idealistic, idyllic version of Broadway. ---->>>

When I've done TV and film, when it's offered to me, I loved doing it, and I would do it again, but the ins and outs of auditioning is - that's time away from my kids. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 04-16, 1976
Birthplace: Elk City, Oklahoma, U.S.
Occupation: Actress

Kelli Christine O'Hara (born April 16, 1976) is an American actress and singer. She has appeared on Broadway and Off-Broadway in many musicals since making her Broadway debut as a replacement in Jekyll & Hyde in 2000. A six-time Tony Award nominee, her first nomination was for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for the 2005 production of The Light in the Piazza (wikipedia)