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The idea of determinism combined with complete human responsibility struck me as very hard to reconcile with an idea of justice, let alone mercy. ---->>>

The real world is far too complex and unpredictable to make something like the idea of humanity controlling its own evolution or engineering itself - well, I wouldn't say impossible but it should be approached with a degree of caution. ---->>>

The world has become one big grassy knoll, crawling with lone gunmen who think they're the Warren Commission. ---->>>

What if capitalism is unsustainable, and socialism is impossible? ---->>>

I'm a long-term optimist, and I don't think the problems with our society are from being overly optimistic. ---->>>

Science fiction made me aware of how big and strange the universe was, leaving aside the whole question of aliens. ---->>>

I don't really believe in the Devil, but if the Devil is the Father of Lies, then he certainly invented the Internet. ---->>>


Nationality: Scottish
Born: 08-02, 1954
Occupation: Writer

Kenneth Macrae "Ken" MacLeod (born 2 August 1954) is a Scottish science fiction writer.(wikipedia)