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For me context is the key - from that comes the understanding of everything. ---->>>

I think of painting without subject matter as music without words. ---->>>

With artists of my own generation there was at first no group identity - and never a clique. ---->>>

I met David Smith through my former wife, Cornelia, who'd studied with him. ---->>>

In the '50s Morris Louis and I were not known, David Smith and Helen Frankenthaler were not much known. ---->>>

As time goes on, I realize more and more that, beginning in the early 30's, David Smith began setting the precedent for what was to come later for many of us. ---->>>

Because of this the representation I'm interested in is of those things only the eye can touch. ---->>>

Context begins with other artists - seniors and mentors. ---->>>

I've also been willing to share any help that I could give to any other artist. ---->>>

Usually I throw away what I don't get right the first time. ---->>>

Clem had made it known that Pollock was a great painter. ---->>>

Pollock was well known, certainly, but for all the wrong reasons. He was known as much for being wild and unconventional in his working methods as for being a great artist. ---->>>

The scene then as now was centered in New York. For the most part, I've kept a bit apart from that attractive and seductive city. I've done it by living in the country within commuting distance. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 04-10, 1924
Birthplace: Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.
Die: 2010-01-05
Occupation: Artist

Kenneth Noland (April 10, 1924 – January 5, 2010) was an American painter. He was one of the best-known American Color Field painters, although in the 1950s he was thought of as an abstract expressionist and in the early 1960s he was thought of as a minimalist painter. Noland helped establish the Washington Color School movement (wikipedia)