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I have to believe everything I write is brand new and I'm writing in this way about these people in a completely new situation for the very first time. ---->>>

I dream in color; it's always a movie and sometimes I'm in it, as myself. ---->>>

I should probably confess that I get bored easily, which explains my reluctance to work with formula, tropes, whatever. ---->>>

I realized that both the military and religious orders depend on discipline to shape people - which routine does, in a lot of ways. ---->>>

I've lived on a military base and in a convent boarding school with dobermans at the bottom of front stairs to keep us in and intruders out, and in college I spent some time at the Naval Academy, where everything was run by the numbers. ---->>>


Name: Kit Reed
Nationality: American
Born: 06-07, 1932
Occupation: Author

Kit Reed is an American author of both speculative fiction and literary fiction, as well as psychological thrillers under the pseudonym Kit Craig. Reed was born in San Diego, California. Her first short story, "The Wait" (1958), was published by Anthony Boucher in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (wikipedia)