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Without peace, there is no freedom, individual or national. War and hostilities are a form of slavery. ---->>>

Without peace, there is nothing truly human. Peace is harmony. And harmony is the highest ideal of life. ---->>>

Man's nature is fundamentally good, or perhaps it is neither good nor evil. In any case, man is something to work on. We must hold fast to this fact - man is something to work on. ---->>>


Nationality: Swedish
Born: October 27, 1844
Die: 02-20, 1916
Occupation: Author

Klas Pontus Arnoldson (27 October 1844 – 20 February 1916) was a Swedish author, journalist, politician, and committed pacifist who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1908 with Fredrik Bajer. He was a founding member of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society. (wikipedia)