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The story of civilization is, in a sense, the story of engineering - that long and arduous struggle to make the forces of nature work for man's good. ---->>>

There is no mistaking the dismay on the face of a writer who has just heard that his brain child is a deformed idiot. ---->>>

In writing a series of stories about the same characters, plan the whole series in advance in some detail, to avoid contradictions and inconsistencies. ---->>>

It does not pay a prophet to be too specific. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 11-27, 1907
Die: 11-06, 2000
Occupation: Author

Lyon Sprague de Camp (; 27 November 1907 – 6 November 2000), better known as L. Sprague de Camp, was an American writer of science fiction, fantasy, non-fiction and biography. In a career spanning 60 years, he wrote over 100 books, including novels and works of non-fiction, such as biographies of other fantasy authors (wikipedia)