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I love being in public places, but I can't stand long, drawn-out music festivals.

I love being in public places, but I can't stand long, drawn-out music festivals.

I've known I wanted to do this ever since I was a little kid and I used to get in trouble at church for goofing off all the time: mocking the preacher, imitating people and the things they did. I later learned my mother used to be just as goofy as I was when she was younger. I mean, Eddie Murphy in 'Coming to America?' My hero. ---->>>

If you have a lot of sweetness and quirkiness, someone's got to have a little bit of bite against that. ---->>>

I grew up in Chicago, IL. I've got three siblings. ---->>>

In TV, you're always confused because you legitimately don't know what you're doing the next week. ---->>>

I'm a big sports fan - mainly basketball. ---->>>

If I wasn't acting, I'd be teaching acting. That would be my easiest thing to fall back on is teaching it. ---->>>

I had this job at Hollywood Video, and during my worst audition ever, I forgot all of my lines in front of Chuck Lorre at the callback for the 'Mike and Molly' pilot. ---->>>

I think it's hilarious that you would give an endorsement deal to someone who you've heard their lyrics a million times and you thought it was cool. And then they said something a little messed up and you take the endorsement deal away. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 08-14, 1980
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Occupation: Actor

Lamorne Morris is an American actor, comedian and television personality. He is best known for playing Winston Bishop in the Fox sitcom New Girl. As a game show host, he hosted the Cartoon Network game show BrainRush. He also worked for BET in the past.(wikipedia)