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I'm high maintenance, but I'm worth it. ---->>>

I'm always gonna be crazy about dishes in the sink. Crazy! Because it's a sign of disrespect. It says that you think someone else is going to clean up after you: that you're not prepared to do it yourself. ---->>>

Life is not about dwelling on the bad. ---->>>

If you care about injustice, and if you care about freedom, and you care about human rights, then you care about them everywhere. ---->>>

After I was assaulted in Egypt, I learned fear. I've just never been so scared in my life. I've never been so close to death. ---->>>

My children are my life. They're so spectacular. ---->>>

Seeing death is not as difficult as you might think. What's harder is to see people suffer. It's the people the dead left behind that get to you. ---->>>

There's something called latent PTSD. It manifests itself in different ways. I want to be free of it, but I'm not. ---->>>


Nationality: South Afric
Born: 03-29, 1971
Birthplace: Durban, South Africa
Occupation: Journalist

Lara Logan (born 29 March 1971) is a South African television and radio journalist and war correspondent. She is the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News and a correspondent for CBS's 60 Minutes.(wikipedia)