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I only worked theater jobs, but they were all really silly when I first graduated. I was a line monitor at 'Spamalot,' which means I got there at 8 A.M. and told people how much the tickets were for standing room. I was an NYU Medical School fake patient, to teach doctors how to talk to patients. ---->>>

After 'Spelling Bee,' I started landing more jobs... I got 'Candide' at New York City Opera. ---->>>

I love rock and opera, and I love musical theater, and I don't want to lose any of that. ---->>>

Growing up, the dream was to be on Broadway. I always loved theater. ---->>>

I played Jonathan Livingston Seagull in a musical version of 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull' in Austin, TX. It was pretty special. ---->>>

It really is like a disease. I just couldn't get away from the theater. ---->>>

My brother sings. My brother is a singer-songwriter. His name is Parker Ainsworth. He changed his last name to his middle name. ---->>>

Austin is a big music town, so growing up, I had a lot of local heroes. Toni Price I was very, very into; she was one of the first people I tried to emulate. She's a local Austin blues artist. Marsha Paul I was also a very big fan of. ---->>>

I was actually tone deaf until I had tumors in my ears - I had very small ear canals - removed. Once they fixed that, I was actually able to sing in a pleasant manner. ---->>>

I was one of those kids who liked a lot of attention. I was always the kid in class who'd be telling jokes and getting in trouble. Theater was a natural way for me to channel that and also become a productive member of society. ---->>>

Really, the impetus driving me is I've always sung, but I like to act, I like drama, I like text, which is why opera is something I've come late to, I'd say. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 1982-04-04
Occupation: Actress

Lauren Tolbert Worsham (born April 4, 1982) is an American actress and singer known for her work in the opera and musical theatre. She received a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her role in A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder. She is also known for being the lead singer of the band Sky-Pony, which has released two albums with original songs titled "Say You Love Me Like You Mean It" and "Raptured Live (wikipedia)