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As soon as I had the camera in my hand for the first time, I just fell in love. ---->>>

Everybody eventually discovers that they are an individual with the power to affect their own lives and make it better or not. ---->>>

Having a few companies controlling everything we read, see or hear is destroying our culture. ---->>>

I grew up addicted to 'Star Trek' and 'Mission: Impossible.' Now I switch between 'South Park' and 'C-Span.' ---->>>

Over the years, many producers have come and gone, and screenplays were written and abandoned. It's the Hollywood process. It's hard to get things done. ---->>>


Lawrence Blume profile (lawrence-blume.jpg)
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Plainfield, New Jersey
Occupation: Director

Lawrence Blume (born 1963) is an American filmmaker. He was named among the "Ten Rising Stars of Comedy" by The Hollywood Reporter for his first feature-length film, Martin & Orloff, which premiered at the 2002 US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen and made its television debut on Comedy Central. His most recent feature film, Tiger Eyes, an adaptation of the young adult bestseller written by his mother, Judy Blume, was released in 2013 (wikipedia)