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I bike around New York City as a way of getting everywhere I need to go. ---->>>

The wisest advice I ever received regarding the kitchen came from my mother: 'Do the dishes while you're cooking.' ---->>>

I have always wanted to own a homemade ice cream shop! ---->>>

My culinary wardrobe is the same as my biking wardrobe, just no shoes. ---->>>

Designing bridal is perfect for me, because black is my least favorite color, if you could call it a color. ---->>>

If you splurge, do it on an item that's fun, because you'll feel good whenever you put it on. ---->>>

The most overrated ingredients are garlic and extra-virgin olive oil. With garlic, it's personal; I have never been that big of a fan of its flavor. As for extra-virgin olive oil, I do use it quite often but its ubiquity serves to overshadow many wonderful oils like pistachio, walnut, argan and even grapeseed. ---->>>

For my kids, I cook everything. We have dinner every night, pretty much, just the four of us: my husband and me and our two kids. ---->>>

I love to cook and entertain. ---->>>

I really don't like take-out. ---->>>

I'm a good skin, natural makeup kind of gal. ---->>>

My mother always taught me to wear clothes for myself and not to follow trends as trends will end! ---->>>

The hands really show signs of age. ---->>>


Name: Lela Rose
Nationality: American
Occupation: Designer

Lela Rose (born in Texas) is an American fashion designer. Lela grew up in Dallas, Texas. She attended the University of Colorado where she was a painting and sculpture major and graduated in 1991. She had a business in college making vests from vintage scarves and decided to go into fashion. She moved to New York City and headed to Parsons School of Design which she graduated from in 1993 with an associate degree (wikipedia)