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There's a tremendous amount of work building the apparatus, getting the experiment to work. But sitting there late at night in the lab, and knowing light is going at bicycle speed, and that nobody in the history of mankind has ever been here before - that is mind-boggling. It's worth everything. ---->>>

Physics is about questioning, studying, probing nature. You probe, and, if you're lucky, you get strange clues. ---->>>

Incidentally, think about the ramifications of storing data on light waves that can be stopped and started at the speed of light. ---->>>

To me, what makes physics physics is that experiment is intimately connected to theory. It's one whole. ---->>>

Of course, in all magic tricks there's a secret. ---->>>

To get high data transfer rates in communicating information, you would love to use optical fibers. The problem is that light is extremely hard to manipulate. So we make a perfect copy of the information carried by the light. We transfer it to matter - the condensate. ---->>>

Why is it that I notice so many brilliant scientists using Macs for their personal computers; why does the Lawrence Livermore & Berkeley Labs buy millions of dollars worth of Macs? ---->>>


Lene Hau profile (lene-hau.jpg)
Name: Lene Hau
Nationality: Danish
Born: 11-13, 1959
Occupation: Physicist

Lene Vestergaard Hau (born November 13, 1959 in Vejle, Denmark) is a Danish physicist. In 1999, she led a Harvard University team who, by use of a Bose-Einstein condensate, succeeded in slowing a beam of light to about 17 metres per second, and, in 2001, was able to stop a beam completely. Later work based on these experiments led to the transfer of light to matter, then from matter back into light, a process with important implications for quantum encryption and quantum computing (wikipedia)