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If the highest things are unknowable, then the highest capacity or virtue of man cannot be theoretical wisdom. ---->>>

All there is to thinking is seeing something noticeable, which makes you see something you weren't noticing, which makes you see something that isn't even visible. ---->>>

I cannot know anything of which there is and can be only one. ---->>>

God's reasons for communicating with man must be subsumed under his reason for communicating to him his account of his creation of the world - and man. ---->>>

But the God of the Bible is not only One, but the only possible One. ---->>>

God is therefore unknowable. This is the fundamental premise of the Bible. ---->>>

If God is One, and if there can be no other God, there can be no idea of God. ---->>>


Nationality: German
Born: September 20, 1899
Birthplace: Kirchhain, Prussia, Germany
Die: 10-18, 1973
Occupation: Philosopher

Leo Strauss (; German: [ʃtraʊs]; September 20, 1899 – October 18, 1973) was a German-American political philosopher and classicist who specialized in classical political philosophy. He was born in Germany to Jewish parents and later emigrated from Germany to the United States. He spent most of his career as a professor of political science at the University of Chicago, where he taught several generations of students and published fifteen books (wikipedia)