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I conceived of an instrument that would create sound without using any mechanical energy, like the conductor of an orchestra. The orchestra plays mechanically, using mechanical energy; the conductor just moves his hands, and his movements have an effect on the music artistry. ---->>>

There was one man who was interested in the color of music, the connection between light and music, and that was Einstein. ---->>>


Leon Theremin profile (leon-theremin.jpg)
Nationality: Russian
Born: August 15, 1896
Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Die: 11-03, 1993
Occupation: Inventor

Lev Sergeyevich Termen (Russian: Лев Сергеевич Термен) (27 August [O.S. 15 August] 1896 – 3 November 1993), or Léon Theremin in the United States, was a Russian and Soviet inventor, most famous for his invention of the theremin, one of the first electronic musical instruments and the first to be mass-produced (wikipedia)