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I broke down while at Oxford, was rejected by a record number of medical tribunals during the War, and finally got permission to leave Oxford and do civilian work till the War ended. ---->>>

Country people give me more than writers, and country places than towns. ---->>>

People and places are the source of my work, both in prose and verse-and this remark is not the truism it seems, for I do not distinguish as sharply between a place and a person as most people seem to do. ---->>>

Real people are places to me as much as persons: I want to see them, as I want to see the places I am fond of, in all weathers and at all times of the year. ---->>>


Leonard Alfred George Strong profile (leonard-alfred-george-str.jpg)
Nationality: English
Born: 1896
Die: 06-21, 2015
Occupation: Writer

Leonard Alfred George Strong (8 March 1896 – 17 August 1958) was a popular English novelist, critic, historian and poet, and published under the name "L. A. G. Strong." He served as a director of the publishers Methuen Ltd. from 1938 to 1958.(wikipedia)