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I attended Sunday School and then church with my father and mother throughout my childhood. ---->>>

I have the utmost respect for the different faiths professed by my fellow men. ---->>>

I have confidence that the Unitarian Church will steadily grow and will help to sustain many of my fellow citizens in these important days that lie ahead of us. ---->>>

I personally have always found the Unitarian faith a source of comfort and help in my daily life. ---->>>

My family for several generations have been members of the Unitarian Church. ---->>>

Too many of my Senate colleagues overdid it. They stayed on too long - napping through committee hearings when they should have packed up and gone home. ---->>>

I have always felt that a man's religion was his personal and private affair. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: September 1, 1892
Die: 06-17, 1979
Occupation: Politician

Leverett A. Saltonstall (September 1, 1892 – June 17, 1979) was an American lawyer and politician from Massachusetts. He served three two-year terms as the 55th Governor of Massachusetts, and for more than twenty years as a United States Senator (1945–1967). Saltonstall was internationalist in foreign policy and moderate on domestic policy, serving as a well-liked mediating force in the Republican Party (wikipedia)