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Value is created for the customer, and that allows our suppliers, agents and staff that work with Sany to obtain success. ---->>>

Our development strategy is based on a deep understanding of our customers. They want high-quality products and good service. ---->>>

As for opportunities, there is room for improved product quality and better service and raising our technology standard. In addition, we should have a certain share of the global market. However, we should consider new industries, such as resource development. ---->>>

I like to have a sense of accomplishment through work. I'm busy golfing and attending activities, but I think of holding a meeting as playing golf. I think my approach is very good. I don't feel I lose a lot of fun things in life even though I am busy all day. ---->>>


Nationality: Chinese
Born: 06-21, 2015
Birthplace: Loudi, Hunan, China
Occupation: Businessman

Liang Wengen (Chinese: 梁稳根; pinyin: Liáng Wěngēn born 1956) is a Chinese entrepreneur in the fields of heavy manufacturing and the founder and chairman of the Sany Heavy Industry. In 2011, he became the richest man in mainland China, and was tipped to become a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, with a net worth of about USD $8 billion (wikipedia)