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Playing with different genres and perspectives and ways of telling stories is one of the perks of being a novelist, but at the same time, I want precision. And in order to be precise about stuff, you have to get personal. Symbolism is very boring. ---->>>

Fairy tales and folk tales have always played a role in my writing in one way or another. ---->>>

I began writing 'The Cold Song' in the months following my father's death, when I felt this sense of loss, disappearance, of being right in the middle of life and wondering: 'What now? How to proceed?' ---->>>


Nationality: Norwegian
Born: 08-09, 1966
Occupation: Author

Linn Ullmann, originally Karin Beate Ullmann (born 9 August 1966, in Oslo, Norway), is a Norwegian author and journalist. A prominent literary critic, she also writes a column for Norway's leading morning newspaper and has published six novels.(wikipedia)