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Challenges are meant to be met and overcome. ---->>>

When I was younger, I used to be a high jumper before I switched to hurdles. ---->>>

Collin Jackson was a little before my time and he was a really good athlete. I've raced with him, but he's now retired. He's a really good role model and someone that I've learnt a lot from. ---->>>

What I want is that I can match my performances during training so I can be satisfied with myself. ---->>>

Things are better now that the attention has subsided a bit, and I'm happier. Now I can concentrate on what I'm supposed to do, that is, training and running. Despite everything that's happened, I feel like I'm still the same person. ---->>>

Of course, rivals do affect athletes mentally, but if you are competing with top-notch athletes, you will push each other, you will encourage each other. ---->>>


Name: Liu Xiang
Nationality: Chinese
Born: 07-13, 1983
Occupation: Athlete