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We tend to think of human trafficking as a foreign issue, not something that could happen here in our own back yards. But it's a fast-growing problem in the United States, in every area, with no real defined demographic. ---->>>

I despise stereotypes. A gay man can be a macho athlete, or he can be an interior designer or any career in between. ---->>>

Thanks to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, I can easily reach out to so many people. Being a writer gives me the added bonus of a targeted audience: readers, who enjoy targeted 'prizes' for participation in fundraisers - books and other neat promo items. ---->>>

I couldn't write a female who fell to pieces every time something didn't go right in her life. She would just annoy me too much. ---->>>

I'm up before 6, but then I'm parked in front of the PC until noon. ---->>>

I love the water. Everything about it. Smelling the humidity in the air, seeing the mist rise in the morning, feeling the dew-wet grass on my bare feet. I love watching the fish jump and the geese land. We even have an eagle here that circles every so often.

I love the water. Everything about it. Smelling the humidity in the air, seeing the mist rise in the morning, feeling the dew-wet grass on my bare feet. I love watching the fish jump and the geese land. We even have an eagle here that circles every so often.

I read 'Pushing the Limit' and 'Dare You To' by Katie McGarry. Fantastic stuff. I had never read young adult before, but now I'm a believer. ---->>>

I think it's very important to support those who can't help themselves - children, animals - and especially to do so in your own neighborhood. ---->>>

I would never write something that made me uncomfortable. I'm not sure it's even possible. ---->>>

Now, and in the future, my focus is entirely on pets and children. I'm not a person who can turn a blind eye to injustice against them. ---->>>

The 'Love Undercover' series features two cops, a street rat, and a construction worker as the lead heroes. ---->>>

After 'A Perfect Storm' came out, I heard from a young reader, who had suffered a similar background as 'Arizona,' that I had helped her to find peace. That was the most amazing thing in the world to me. ---->>>

Having kids is the deal-breaker on shyness! Once you have a baby, you learn to speak up loud and clear to protect them, defend them, and encourage them. I have three sons, so I've experienced that in triplicate. ---->>>

How it works for me is that a scene comes to mind, usually a scene between the hero and heroine, that depicts the emotional conflict. From that scene, the characters come alive for me. I don't do a lot of preplanning in any way when I write. ---->>>

I definitely could not write a character that was cruel or unconcerned with animal welfare. For me, not just as a writer but for the person I am, I love animals. ---->>>

I don't need the water to be inspired. My stories inspire me, not the location of where I'm parked. And good thing, since I've had to finish books in airports, in the RV we used to have, the lake house, while on vacation, at home, in the kitchen when my office PC was on the fritz. ---->>>

I enjoy talking to groups who are interested in the writing process or the industry. I never teach - because truthfully, I don't know how it all works; it just does. Sort of magic-like. But I love to share my experiences and perspectives. ---->>>

I remember the first time I spoke to an editor. I thought I'd be sick, I was so nervous. The first time I spoke to a large group at a conference, I had the jitters for days beforehand. ---->>>

I'm truly, 100% guided by the characters and my Muse. If one of the characters suddenly decided to do something very different, I'd just go with it. It's much easier to let the Muse drive than for me to try to steer. ---->>>

The charity work is just a part of what I do. Like... I make time to clean my house, to care for my pets, to visit my extended family, because those things are important to me. Same with helping others. ---->>>

The men I write can be intense, quiet, outspoken and outrageous, deadly or fun... but I would never waste time on a hero who wasn't honorable, who didn't protect those who couldn't protect themselves, who didn't value children and pets, who wasn't independent and unselfish. ---->>>

There are certain things I couldn't write because they're not intrinsic to my beliefs. For instance, I couldn't write a hero or heroine who didn't put children first. ---->>>

There are plenty of secondary characters that I had always hoped to write, but I don't know if it will ever happen. The way contracts work, if you leave one publishing house for another, the characters tend to stay with the previous publishing house. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 11-14, 1958
Occupation: Writer

Lori L. Foster is a best-selling American writer of over seventy romance novels as Lori Foster. She also writes Urban Fantasy novels using her first and middle initials, L.L. Foster. She and her husband have 3 sons and a grandson. They live in rural Ohio, where they share their home with a multitude of animals (wikipedia)