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Do you know how long it took me to write 'For a Few Dollars More'? Nine days. ---->>>

Do you imagine Sergio Leone with a philosophy? Come on! He was a primitive of movies, a great director on set. ---->>>

I have written movies that won prizes at Cannes and Venice. ---->>>

To be a director, you have to be especially patient. ---->>>


Nationality: Italian
Born: 03-07, 1926
Birthplace: Treviso, Veneto, Italy
Die: 09-22, 2013
Occupation: Writer

Luciano Vincenzoni (Italian pronunciation: [luˈtʃano vintʃenˈtsoni]; 7 March 1926 – 22 September 2013) was an Italian screenwriter, known as the "script doctor". He wrote for some 65 films between 1954 and 2000.(wikipedia)