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'Orphans' reflects unconscious elements in myself that were, at the time, indigestible and butting up against each other in my psyche; issues I wasn't really in touch with but was trying to put into a dramatic framework. ---->>>

As for Philadelphia, you know what it is like? Sink holes. You stand in the earth and it opens up and you're sucked down. I'm never going to escape Philadelphia. ---->>>

I was born in Philadelphia, and I've tried to escape that city all my life. I end up writing plays that force me back to Philadelphia, at least psychologically if not physically. ---->>>

My best writing has to do with an internal process that I'm working out unconsciously and put into my characters. ---->>>

In the case of the 'Saint' movie, I did do some research. I visited a few shelters. But usually, my stuff just comes out. I don't have any control over that. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Occupation: Playwright

Lyle Kessler is an American playwright, screenwriter and actor, best known internationally for Orphans, the play he wrote in 1983.(wikipedia)