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But Bill Clinton had the good taste to lie about his sexual peccadillos. He had the honor and the decency to want to cover it up. ---->>>

I think if you are a black person or an Hispanic person, you are not as fond of Rudolph Giuliani as you are if you happen to be a white person. Because he has trampled on people's civil rights. ---->>>

I think there's nothing sadder than a pro athlete who plays past his prime. ---->>>

People think they're getting objective information, but they're not. They're getting news wrapped up in opinion. ---->>>

I avoid my neighbors - luckily, my building has two exits. ---->>>

I'm a Yente and I have a terrible accent. ---->>>

It's so exciting to be doing radio on the cutting edge of technology. Being in on something new is the biggest thrill in the world. ---->>>

Sports is all about money. ---->>>

To tell you the truth, I don't like talking too much once I leave this booth. I'm talked out. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 09-02, 1942
Birthplace: Niagara Falls, New York, U.S.
Die: 12-24, 2011
Occupation: Entertainer

Lynn Margaret Samuels (September 2, 1942 – December 24, 2011) was an American radio personality and blogger, based in New York City. She attended Bard College. She began her radio career at WBAI in 1979, where in addition to her on-air work, she was music director and an engineer and producer. Walter Sabo, in a tribute on the Alex Bennett program (hosted by Richard Bey) on December 27, 2011, stated that Lynn first worked for WOR on Saturdays from 4–6 p (wikipedia)