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There are no globalized, youth-led, grassroots social movements advocating for democratic culture across Muslim-majority societies. There is no equivalent of Al-Qaeda without the terrorism. ---->>>

Islamism is not Islam. Islamism is the politicisation of Islam, the desire to impose a version of this ancient faith over society. ---->>>

The only way we can challenge Islamism is to engage with one another. We need to make it as abhorrent as racism has become today. Only then will we stem the tide of angry young Muslims who turn to hate. ---->>>

After much soul searching I was able to renounce my past Islamist ideology, challenging everything I was once prepared to die for. ---->>>

I can now say that the more I learnt about Islam, the more tolerant I became. ---->>>

Ironically, xenophobic nationalists are utilizing the benefits of globalization. ---->>>

Preying on the grievances of disaffected young men is the bedrock of Islamism. ---->>>


Nationality: British
Born: 06-12, 1978
Occupation: Activist

Maajid Usman Nawaz (Urdu: ماجد نواز‎, [ˈmaːdʒɪd̪ naːwaːz], born 2 November 1977) is a British activist, author, columnist, radio host and politician. He was the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for London's Hampstead and Kilburn constituency in the 2015 general election. He is also the founding chairman of Quilliam, a counter-extremism think tank that seeks to challenge the narratives of Islamist extremists (wikipedia)