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Most Indians go into education. Their parents just push them into education like parents in Australia push them into sports. ---->>>

I don't think there's any dearth of talent in India - we've always had the best juniors in the world. ---->>>

I think that tennis has been in a place for many years without any change. Davis Cup and Fed Cup has always been a very exciting platform for players because it is such an individual sport, and we get to play a team competition. We love being part of a team. ---->>>

Wimbledon 2014 will be my last slam. To be honest, I am already starting to miss professional tennis, having played at the highest level for two decades. It is what has given me my identity, and I will miss every bit of the action. The thought that I will not be playing anymore is daunting. ---->>>

I'm a deeply spiritual person, and I strongly believe that God is watching over me! ---->>>

The mentality we have in India is not very sporting. ---->>>

I am glad that Wimbledon is my last slam. I love the atmosphere and courts of SW19, and it is an addiction, which I will find tough to give up. ---->>>

I don't think tennis is a glamour game, not at all. ---->>>

Indian food is a luxury on tour. ---->>>


Nationality: Indian
Born: 06-07, 1974
Occupation: Athlete

Mahesh Shrinivas Bhupathi (born 7 June 1974) is an Indian professional tennis player. In 1997, he became the first Indian to win a Grand Slam tournament (with Rika Hiraki). With his win at the Australian Open mixed doubles in 2006, he joined the elite group of eight tennis players who have achieved a career Grand Slam in mixed doubles (wikipedia)