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Negotiate with those who wish to talk - and take action against those who create mischief. ---->>>

My fear is that if we don't take remedial steps to control polio in the tribal areas, we will be faced with international sanctions. ---->>>


Mamnoon Hussain profile (mamnoon-hussain.jpg)
Nationality: Pakistani
Born: 12-23, 1940
Occupation: Politician

Mamnoon Hussain (Urdu: ممنون حسین‎; born 23 December 1940) is a Pakistani businessman and conservative politician who is the 12th President of Pakistan, in office since 2013. Born in Agra, British India in 1940, his family migrated to settle in Karachi in 1947 where he went on to attain a commerce degree from the Karachi University and later received an MBA from IBA (wikipedia)