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It is only a step from boredom to disillusionment, which leads naturally to self-pity, which in turn ends in chaos. ---->>>

Moderation is the secret of survival. ---->>>

Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad. ---->>>

The end of science is not to prove a theory, but to improve mankind. ---->>>


Nationality: Canadian
Born: March 18, 1901
Die: 08-29, 1990
Occupation: Philosopher

Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, astrologer and mystic. He is best known for his 1928 work The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Over his 70 year career, he gave thousands of lectures, including two at Carnegie Hall, and published over 150 volumes (wikipedia)