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Some people just use beautiful things to just shop or to have a tribal feeling - 'Oh, blah, blah, blah, I'm wearing Hermes; blah, blah, blah, I'm wearing Saint Laurent; blah-blah blah' - because it's like a need, a tribe, recognition: 'Ahh, my Rolex.' But I run away from anything which is too recognizable - it's my nature. ---->>>

You put high heels on and you change. ---->>>

Men tell me that I've saved their marriages. It costs them a fortune in shoes, but it's cheaper than a divorce. So I'm still useful, you see. ---->>>

People walk differently in high heels. Your body sways to a different kind of tempo. ---->>>

If I was a woman, I would be dressed in the same thing for a month and just change my hat and gloves. Maybe my shoes too; yes, I see what you mean but, really, it's jewels that change an outfit. ---->>>

About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs.

About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs.

Maintenance is terribly important. ---->>>

Paris is paramount for fashion, always was - always will be. ---->>>

The greatest luxury is being free. ---->>>

I'm very painful to deal with when I create a shoe. ---->>>

My shoes are special shoes for discerning feet. ---->>>

A lot of things trigger my inspiration. It can be the most banal things. ---->>>

Everything is global now. It's not London, it's not Spain, it's not Italy - everything is everywhere. So you have to be everywhere, I guess. ---->>>

I never thought that I would sell to young people, but now girls who are 14 and 15 buy my shoes. ---->>>

I put everything I think is sexy into my shoes. ---->>>

I think of each new season as an evolution, not a change in style. ---->>>

I don't know why my shoes are so popular - I am always surprised and mystified by it. ---->>>

The greatest shoemaker in England for many, many decades; he used to be the royal shoe-maker for the Queen Mother. This is where I learnt my trade. ---->>>

What is fashion? It's discipline. Discipline and a credo to do only the best, down to the smallest detail. ---->>>

I am insecure. Everyone's insecure. ---->>>

I hate to travel with stuff. ---->>>

Papa died when he was 77. ---->>>

Really, the '70s and '80s were a blur. ---->>>

I always love China, especially the old China. ---->>>

I am not a movie star or a football player, I just do my thing. ---->>>

I do think one should have clean feet. ---->>>

I'm like an old vampire, so it's important to talk to young people. ---->>>

I'm mad for satin. ---->>>

There is nothing charming about a woman who cannot walk in her shoes. ---->>>

I hate these platforms that are all over the place today; they are all about grabbing attention. They are suburban! I never do a platform. Well, I did, in the 1970s, but that was a bad experience. ---->>>

I like women with style to wear my shoes. ---->>>

Trends don't interest me. ---->>>

I do and re-do things that I used to do in a flash, because I want to be more perfectionist about these things. Maybe it sounds pompous and pretentious, but that's the way I feel. ---->>>

I couldn't care less about business. ---->>>

If I look back I feel frightened, not happy, because my life is a bit of a mystery to me. ---->>>

I just don't get death at all. Yes, it's there. But I don't get it. ---->>>

I never wanted to be the most famous, the most beautiful, the most extravagant. ---->>>

I don't belong to anyone. ---->>>

I don't consider myself a fashion designer. ---->>>

I eat a lot of chocolate. ---->>>

I get more tired by travelling than anything. ---->>>

I hate celebrities. ---->>>

I think I am one of the smallest surviving brands. ---->>>

I was possessed by London. ---->>>

I'm OK: I don't need money. ---->>>

I'm very self-critical. ---->>>

I've never been tempted to do these hideous furniture shoes. ---->>>

In London I feel free; nobody bothers anyone and everyone is free to express themselves. ---->>>

Most of the people nowadays send their things by internet. But I cannot work that way. I like to do it myself. ---->>>

My mother has an incredible rigidity, which is very Catholic. ---->>>

My mother is incredible. I mean, still is today. ---->>>

My whole life has been a huge mistake, but what a divine mistake - doing something that I adore. ---->>>

Sometimes I hate a shoe in seconds. ---->>>

The gimmicky thing I'm not very keen on. ---->>>


Nationality: Spanish
Born: 11-27, 1942
Birthplace: Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain
Occupation: Designer

Manuel "Manolo" Blahnik Rodríguez CBE (; born 27 November 1942, Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain), is a Spanish fashion designer and founder of the eponymous high-end shoe brand.(wikipedia)