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If at first you don't succeed, blame your parents. ---->>>

The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her. ---->>>

Children in a family are like flowers in a bouquet: there's always one determined to face in an opposite direction from the way the arranger desires. ---->>>

Eating without conversation is only stoking. ---->>>

No one knows his true character until he has run out of gas, purchased something on the installment plan and raised an adolescent. ---->>>

Weather means more when you have a garden. There's nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans. ---->>>

A vacation frequently means that the family goes away for a rest, accompanied by a mother who sees that the others get it. ---->>>

Parents are often so busy with the physical rearing of children that they miss the glory of parenthood, just as the grandeur of the trees is lost when raking leaves. ---->>>

One sure way to lose another woman's friendship is to try to improve her flower arrangements. ---->>>

When a man does a household job, he goes through three periods: contemplating how it will be done; contemplating when it will be done; and contemplating. ---->>>

A sparkling house is a fine thing if the children aren't robbed of their luster in keeping it that way. ---->>>

Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door. ---->>>

Our children await Christmas presents like politicians getting in election returns: there's the Uncle Fred precinct and the Aunt Ruth district still to come in. ---->>>

Life begins when a person first realizes how soon it will end. ---->>>


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