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Hope is the denial of reality. ---->>>

All the characters and plots were predetermined. Games make bad plots. ---->>>

The only cartoon I ever liked was 'Fantasia.' ---->>>

I like working closely with artists. I think that's very important in fantasy and science fiction - the visual aspect of the worlds and the characters. ---->>>

In Endless Quest books, you start the plot, and the character has to make choices. Then you have to write one choice over here, one choice over there. The author might get one or two choices out. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 03-16, 1948
Occupation: Writer

Margaret Edith Weis (born March 16, 1948) is a fantasy and science fiction writer and author of dozens of novels and short stories. Along with Tracy Hickman, Weis is one of the original creators of the Dragonlance game world.(wikipedia)