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Mourning is not forgetting... It is an undoing. Every minute tie has to be untied and something permanent and valuable recovered and assimilated from the dust. ---->>>

The optimism of a healthy mind is indefatigable. ---->>>

I am one of those people who are blessed, or cursed, with a nature which has to interfere. If I see a thing that needs doing I do it. ---->>>

If one cannot command attention by one's admirable qualities one can at least be a nuisance. ---->>>

He did not arrive at this conclusion by the decent process of quiet, logical deduction, nor yet by the blinding flash of glorious intuition, but by the shoddy, untidy process halfway between the two by which one usually gets to know things. ---->>>

When one kicks over a tea table and smashes everything but the sugar bowl, one may as well pick that up and drop it on the bricks, don't you think? ---->>>

Chemists employed by the police can do remarkable things with blood. They can weave it into a rope to hang a man. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: May 20, 1889
Die: 06-30, 1966
Occupation: Writer

Margery Louise Allingham (20 May 1904 – 30 June 1966) was an English writer of detective fiction, best remembered for her "golden age" stories featuring gentleman sleuth Albert Campion.(wikipedia)