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It may not be possible to get rare roast beef but if you're willing to settle for well done, ask them to hold the sweetened library paste that passes for gravy. ---->>>

Today's restaurant is theater on a grand scale. ---->>>

If Broadway shows charge preview prices while the cast is in dress rehearsal, why should restaurants charge full price when their dining room and kitchen staffs are still practicing? ---->>>


Nationality: American
Birthplace: Waterbury, Connecticut
Occupation: Author

Marian Burros (born in Waterbury, Connecticut) is a cookbook author, and food columnist for The New York Times, a position she has held since 1983. Previously, Burros was The Washington Post's food editor and a consumer reporter for an NBC affiliate, a position for which she won an Emmy Award. Burros has also worked for NBC Radio Network News, United Features, The Washington Daily News and The Washington Star (wikipedia)