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Selfies became too big. The selfie photos are not good. Fans ask me for a selfie, and I say, 'Let's just do a photo.' I'm not anti-selfie, but I like a classic photograph. ---->>>

This was a special week and a special victory for me. I played some great tennis. ---->>>

Probably around 14, when I was finishing primary school. I'm coming from a pretty small city in Croatia, not too many options to train, not too many players. So I had to either choose to stay at home to do more school or move to Zagreb to the national training center. That was when I made decisions to do something better in tennis. ---->>>

The most special Slam is Wimbledon, of course. But where I feel the best is Melbourne. And you're happy that you're playing. When you get to the middle of the season, everything is week after week, and it's all routine. But when it's Melbourne in January, you are fresh and you want to play. It's nice. ---->>>


Marin Cilic profile (marin-cilic.jpg)
Nationality: Croatian
Born: 09-28, 1988
Occupation: Athlete

Marin Čilić (Croatian pronunciation: [ˌmâriːn ˈt͡ʃǐːlit͡ɕ]; born 28 September 1988) is a Croatian professional tennis player whose biggest success to date is having won the 2014 US Open. Over the course of his career, Čilić has won 17 ATP singles titles. His career-high singles ranking is world No (wikipedia)