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I think the business community is smart enough to realise that just having a trade union is not enough. They are smart enough to know they need to be part of a union that has political and financial power. ---->>>

At heart, Pearson is in the intellectual property business, be it through publishing books or the 'Financial Times'. ---->>>

It takes a long time to build democracy, to build freedom. ---->>>

The politics of Europe is unimaginative and bureaucratic. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-25, 1947
Birthplace: Arizona
Occupation: Businesswoman

Dame Marjorie Morris Scardino, DBE, FRSA (born 25 January 1947) is an American-born British business executive. She is the former CEO of Pearson PLC. Dame Marjorie became a trustee of Oxfam during her tenure at Pearson [1]. She has been criticized by Private Eye magazine because, while Oxfam campaigns against corporate tax avoidance as part of the IF Coalition [2], Pearson was "a prolific tax haven user (wikipedia)