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If you're a goalkeeper, it doesn't matter what you save the ball with - if you keep it out, it's not a goal. ---->>>

Exeter City's trip to Old Trafford will be a great day for their fans but that is about it - they won't get the result they want against Manchester United. ---->>>

I've turned into a technological wizard. I can send emails now, which for me is unbelievable. They don't make any sense, but I can send them. I call it e-mithering. ---->>>

Michael Owen isn't the tallest of lads, but his height more than makes up for that. ---->>>

As a modern-day role model, I'd have to go for Tiger Woods. I'm also a massive Sachin Tendulkar fan. ---->>>

Don't be frightened of failure. It makes you stronger if you learn from your mistakes.

Don't be frightened of failure. It makes you stronger if you learn from your mistakes.

England are numerically outnumbered in the midfield. ---->>>

He can be as good as he wants to be; that's how good he can be. ---->>>

If Plan A fails, they could always revert to Plan A. ---->>>

Nothing really annoys me, I'm not that kind of person, I'm quite laid back about most things. ---->>>

Cucumber reminds me of my mother making me eat sprouts. ---->>>

To be a great game, one of the teams has to score first. ---->>>

Arguably, Blackburn have got the best forward line in the Premiership. There's no denying that. ---->>>

HBO churn out some unbelievable stuff. They really got me with things like 'Band of Brothers.' But you can't beat 'The Sopranos.' ---->>>

I don't think I would have made it as a cricketer. ---->>>

It's sometimes easier to defend a one goal lead than a two goal lead. ---->>>

The longer the game went on, you got the feeling that neither side really wanted to lose. ---->>>

These managers all know their onions and cut their cloth accordingly. ---->>>

My feeling is unless they've somebody lined up and they are convinced he is going to be better than Brian, I think their decision has been made in haste. ---->>>

Figo is as important to England as Beckham is. ---->>>

My father, Tommy, who was a trained draughtsman, played for Preston North End in the Finney era. He liked football but did not love it as I do. ---->>>

Bolton are an established team in the Premiership these days and well respected by the other sides. ---->>>

My iPod's unbelievable. Seriously. The kids have put most of the music on it, but there's a complete mix of '80s rubbish and current day stuff. ---->>>

'Match of the Day' is a great programme to be on. It's a programme I used to be allowed to stay up and watch from the age of 10, so to think that one day I'd actually appear on it was great. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 06-02, 1957
Occupation: Athlete