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Performance-enhancing drugs are an illusion. I wish I had never gotten involved with steroids. It was wrong. It was stupid. ---->>>

Once and for all, I did not use steroids or any other illegal substance. ---->>>

This is a great thing that's happening in baseball. We don't know if it will ever happen again. ---->>>

The only reason I took steroids was for my health purposes. I did not take steroids to get any gain for any strength purposes.

The only reason I took steroids was for my health purposes. I did not take steroids to get any gain for any strength purposes.

I think it puts baseball back on the map as a sport. It's America's pastime and just look at everyone coming out to the ballpark. It has been an exciting year. ---->>>

I tell you what, I was so shocked because I didn't think the ball had enough to get out. It's an absolutely incredible feeling. I can honestly say I did it. ---->>>

I had good years when I took steroids, and I had bad years when I took steroids. But no matter what, I shouldn't have done it, and for that, I'm truly sorry. ---->>>

The steroids I did were on a very, very low dosage. I didn't want to take a lot of that. I didn't want to look like Arnold Schwartzenegger or Lou Ferrigno. ---->>>

I'm not here to discuss the past... I'm here to be positive. ---->>>

In '83, we went over to Amsterdam. I just remember people saying, 'Baseball's just starting over here. They're learning how to play the game of baseball.' ---->>>

Only sixteen players have hit fifty or more homers in a season. To me, that's a very special milestone. ---->>>

Wouldn't it be great if we just ended up tied? I think it would be beautiful. ---->>>

Do you want to know the truth, or see me hit a few dingers? ---->>>

I have had to tell my son, my parents, my friends that I used steroids. It's been very hard. It's been very difficult. ---->>>

I remember trying steroids very briefly in the 1989 -1990 off season, and then after I was injured in 1993, I used steroids again. ---->>>

I sort of missed one big thing, to touch first base. I hope I didn't act foolish, but this is history. ---->>>

I touched Roger's bat and held it to my heart. My bat will lie next to his. I'm damn proud of that. ---->>>

My message is that steroids is bad. Don't do them. It's a bad message. ---->>>

I study pitchers. I visualize pitches. That gives me a better chance every time I step into the box. That doesn't mean I'm going to get a hit every game, but that's one of the reasons I've come a long way as a hitter. ---->>>

I'm sure people will wonder if I could have hit all those home runs had I never taken steroids. ---->>>

You don't know that you'll ever have to talk about the skeleton in your closet. ---->>>

I wish that every player could feel what I've felt in visiting ballparks. The receptions I've received, it's blown me away. It's absolutely remarkable. ---->>>

I've been thinking about the record since I reached the fifty plateau. But you think about it and then you let it go because you can't waste many brain cells on hours thinking about it. ---->>>

What a perfect way to end the home stand, by hitting sixty-two for the city of St. Louis and all the fans. I truly wanted to do it here and I did. Thank you St. Louis. ---->>>

I don't know if I want to break my own record. I think I would rather leave it as it is. ---->>>

I know it's tough. Everybody in baseball knows its tough. I'm just going to give it my best shot. ---->>>

Baseball was a chapter in my life, and now I'm excited to start another chapter as a hitting coach. ---->>>

There's not a pill or an injection that's going to give me, going to give any player the hand-eye coordination to hit a baseball. ---->>>

I chose to be retired. I chose to start a family. That was one of the biggest reasons I got away from the game of baseball. I wanted to start a family. I was happy. ---->>>

The only team that could have competed with us was the Cubans. It's too bad they're boycotting. The teams we're playing just can't compete with our power. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-01, 1963
Occupation: Athlete

Mark David McGwire (born October 1, 1963), nicknamed Big Mac, is an American former professional baseball player and currently a bench coach in Major League Baseball (MLB). As a first baseman, his MLB career spanned from 1986 to 2001 while playing for the Oakland Athletics and the St. Louis Cardinals (wikipedia)