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Everybody has parents. As a dramatist, whenever you write a character, you must write their parents as well, even if the parents aren't there. ---->>>

I love writing novels, even if only a few thousand people read them. Here's my soul; I hope it appeals to your soul. ---->>>

I aspired from early on to write a novel, to be in the 'New Yorker,' to be on Broadway, and at least in a fleeting way, I got all those things. ---->>>

Theater is exciting because it is collaborative, but it is also exhausting for the same reason. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 07-19, 1954
Die: 08-06, 2012
Occupation: Writer

Mark O’Donnell (July 19, 1954 – August 6, 2012) was an American writer and humorist.(wikipedia)