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I play Xbox in my underwear.

I play Xbox in my underwear.

Doing good for the community is something that should be a part of who you are. The more you get, the more you should give back. ---->>>

I would like to be known as an 'artist'. Whether that be music, acting, sketching, cooking, whatever. I'm interested in all of those things. ---->>>

I play a bad boy on television, but in real life I have a passion for nature and nature conservancy, specifically bird rehabilitation. ---->>>

Every day, I hear a song and I think, 'This would be great to cover on Glee.' I like Led Zeppelin, of course, and Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains. ---->>>

I'm not really anything like Puck - I'm worse! ---->>>

Girls don't really recognize me on the street. No one has tried to serenade me or rip my shirt off. ---->>>

I like a girl who doesn't play any games. I like a very sweet girl. ---->>>

Some girls go for bad boys because they like the challenge of changing them - which is usually unrealistic. ---->>>

Music is my wife, and acting is my girlfriend. ---->>>

Playing music was always a part of my life; I don't know anything else. ---->>>

Hollywood is a small town, believe it or not. I see the same people over and over, so it's not that overwhelming or crazy as you might think. ---->>>

I saw the film 'Amadeus' from when I was five, which made me want to take piano lessons. ---->>>

I usually go for the ethnic ladies. That's kinda my preference, but I don't discriminate. ---->>>

It's great that 'Glee' is making viewers more aware of the arts. People appreciate it. ---->>>

'Ten' by Pearl Jam is still by far one of my favorite albums and is a big part of what inspired me to learn guitar. ---->>>

You don't really have time to watch TV if you work on TV. ---->>>

Glee's good because it tackles the issues by embracing what's different, and telling people, 'That's what makes you special' - I think that's the underlying thing. ---->>>

I decided I wanted to be a musician when I saw the movie 'Amadeus' around 1987. I was five years old, so it was a good time to start piano lessons after seeing Tom Hulce who played Mozart play the harpsichord on his back with his hands crossed. Such a great movie to inspire a five-year-old. ---->>>

I don't usually try to rely on songs to woo a girl, but I think Coldplay can get a girl in the mood... or make her cry, one or the other. I used to play in cover bands; we sure did our fair share of Coldplay. I like 'Viva La Vida.' ---->>>

I love nineties stuff like Alice in Chains and Nine Inch Nails. It'd be my dream to have a Radiohead-themed episode of 'Glee.' I also love jazz greats like Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Herbie Hancock. ---->>>

I've been through almost every type of obsession as far as music genres go, so I usually say I just like a good song, but the songs that are the most universal that a person on the other side of the world knows and can relate to is a very powerful entity. ---->>>

I've had so many different influences musically, even from people who aren't even musicians. If you're inspired by someone and you document it musically, then they are your influence. ---->>>

I've studied several guitar players and songwriters, mostly from Al di Meola to Dimebag Darrell, from Freddie Mercury of Queen to Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Bradley Nowell of Sublime. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 08-17, 1982
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Occupation: Actor

Mark Wayne Salling (born August 17, 1982) is an American actor, singer-songwriter, composer, and musician. He is known for his role as Noah "Puck" Puckerman on the comedy television series Glee.(wikipedia)