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I really wasn't even aware that Batman and Superman had this kind of grudging friendship.

I really wasn't even aware that Batman and Superman had this kind of grudging friendship.

I did the voice of Cyclops on 'Shrek the Third'. I don't know how I got that. They said they wanted a Michael Chiklis type, and apparently it came down to me and Michael Chiklis, so how they gave it to me, I don't know. ---->>>

I haven't done much voice-over work, but I enjoy it. I'm hoping to do more in the future. ---->>>

When Clint Eastwood walks into a room, you may not know his name. But you know who he is. ---->>>

I used to wear Clark Kent glasses, ever since I was in college. I used to have those Army-issue glasses, and they used to be those black glasses Clark Kent used to wear. And I wore those for years. ---->>>

I used to audition for 'NYPD Blue' quite a bit, so I had this stock New York detective character that I would bring in for all their auditions. ---->>>

'Pasadena' erred on the side being too dark. That was probably the one thing about it, in retrospect, why it didn't get picked up. ---->>>

I just really want to make a good show and make it as interesting as I can, and anything else is kind of above my pay grade. ---->>>

I think it's one of those funny things - sometimes you're not really friends with somebody until you've gotten into a good fight, and I think that's the situation with Superman and Batman. ---->>>

One of the things that I'm realizing is that in voice-over work, you have to actually do more work with your facial muscles and your mouth. You have to kind of exaggerate your pronunciation a little bit more, whereas with live action, you can get away with mumbling sometimes. ---->>>


Mark Valley profile (mark-valley.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 12-24, 1964
Birthplace: Ogdensburg, New York, U.S.
Occupation: Actor

Mark Thomas Valley (born December 24, 1964) is an American film and television actor, best known for his roles as Brad Chase on the TV drama Boston Legal, Oliver Richard on the NBC drama Harry's Law, FBI Special Agent John Scott on Fringe, Christopher Chance in Fox's action/drama Human Target, and Tommy Sullivan in ABC's Body of Proof (wikipedia)