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I do some of my best thinking while pulling weeds.

I do some of my best thinking while pulling weeds.

There are all kinds of letters and protests that come from, not surprisingly, Japanese fishermen, the fishermen's wives; there are student groups, all different types of people; the protest against the Americans' use of the Pacific for nuclear testing. ---->>>

I think the Bravo test is really important for a number of reasons. It's kind of symbolic. It raises a lot of the issues that are related to the whole controversy over nuclear testing. ---->>>

In Japan, it becomes a huge issue in terms of not just the government and its protest against the United States, but all different groups and all different peoples in Japan start to protest. ---->>>

There was a lot of protest after Bravo, from countries like India, for example. India was the first country which came forward and proposed at the United Nations that all of these nuclear tests should be stopped, that there should be a complete ban on nuclear testing. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-16, 1953
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
Occupation: Actress

Martha Anne Smith (born October 16, 1953) is an American actress, model and real estate broker. Smith attended Michigan State University. She there acquired fluency in three languages, English, French, and Italian.(wikipedia)