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Entertainment and art are not isolated. ---->>>

I'm not interested in provoking people, but only in trying to be consoling. ---->>>

A good artist has less time than ideas. ---->>>

Assuming roles is something that simply won't work for me, since I don't have a style. None at all. ---->>>

Entertainment is in art like color in pictures. ---->>>

I am a travelling salesman. I deal in ideas. ---->>>

What I'm working on is for people to be able to say that Kippenberger had this really good mood. ---->>>

My style is where you see the individual and where a personality is communicated through actions, decisions, single objects and facts, where the whole draws together to form a history. ---->>>

An artist who opposes himself still has the best chances to reach some result. ---->>>

You really can't bring about anything new with art. ---->>>

I can't cut off an ear everyday. Do the Van Gogh here and the Mozart there. Anyway it's exhausting enough always having to check up on what one is really doing!. ---->>>

Nobody helps anybody. ---->>>

What people will say about me then - or maybe not say - will be the only thing that finally counts. ---->>>

I am not an easel-kisser. ---->>>


Nationality: German
Born: 02-25, 1953
Birthplace: Dortmund, West Germany
Die: 03-07, 1997
Occupation: Artist

Martin Kippenberger (25 February 1953 – 7 March 1997) was a German artist known for his extremely prolific output in a wide range of styles and media, superfiction as well as his provocative, jocular and hard-drinking public persona. Kippenberger was "widely regarded as one of the most talented German artists of his generation," according to Roberta Smith of the New York Times (wikipedia)