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I did sleep on the floor of my office sometimes. I didn't brush my teeth as often as I should have. I think my hygiene has improved quite a bit. ---->>>

I'd like to focus on my life on creating new medicines for people who are suffering from rare disease. ---->>>

I want to cure many diseases and save children's lives. ---->>>

I always wanted to start a public company and make a lot of money. ---->>>

I had an investor who said to me he'd keep his money with me as long as I didn't have a girlfriend and I didn't start combing my hair. ---->>>


Nationality: Albanian
Born: 06-21, 1983
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Occupation: Businessman

Martin Shkreli (, born March 17, 1983) is an American businessman and investor. He is the co-founder of the hedge fund MSMB Capital Management, co-founder and former chief executive officer (CEO) of the biotechnology firm Retrophin, and founder and former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. In September 2015, Shkreli received widespread criticism when Turing obtained the manufacturing license for the antiparasitic drug Daraprim and raised its price by a factor of 56 (from US$13 (wikipedia)