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In my own creations, the earliest influence came from the ancient civilisations of Egypt, China, Africa and Persia. In fact, one of my earlier creations was a range of tunics, made from silk procured from the islands of Madagascar. ---->>>

I would like to call India a gold-mine of art. It's really the richest in the world. ---->>>

Designing was an effortless exercise and something I always enjoyed. ---->>>

Even when I became the editor of 'Vogue' - America, I kept moonlighting for a garment store. ---->>>


Mary McFadden profile (mary-mcfadden.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 10-01, 1938
Occupation: Designer

Mary Josephine McFadden (born October 1, 1938, New York City) is an American fashion designer and writer. (wikipedia)