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I think I'm the first man to sit on top of the world. ---->>>

It'll work, if God, wind, leads, ice, snow, and all the hells of this damned frozen land are willing. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: August 8, 1866
Birthplace: Nanjemoy, Maryland, USA
Die: 03-09, 1955
Occupation: Explorer

Matthew Alexander Henson (August 8, 1866 – March 9, 1955) was the first African-American Arctic explorer, an associate of Robert Peary on seven voyages over a period of nearly 23 years. They made six voyages and spent a total of 18 years in expeditions. Henson served as a navigator and craftsman, traded with Inuit and learned their language, and was known as Peary's "first man" for these arduous travels (wikipedia)