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When you start learning how to give when you're young, when you get older it is second nature. Just like stealing. Start young and you keep on stealing forever. Ask my politicians. ---->>>

In the Buddhist scriptures, it said many births cause suffering, so Buddhism is not against family planning. ---->>>

I find it disturbing that men who are products of highly developed economies come to a developing nation solely to exploit their women and their children. ---->>>

The condom has saved so many lives, and it'll save so many more lives. We really owe a great deal to the rubber tree. ---->>>


Nationality: Thai
Born: 01-17, 1941
Occupation: Activist

Mechai Viravaidya (born 17 January 1941, Thai: มีชัย วีระไวทยะ; rtgs: Michai Wirawaithaya) is a former politician and activist in Thailand who promoted condoms, family planning and AIDS awareness in Thailand. Since the 1970s, Mechai has been affectionately known as "Mr. Condom", and condoms are often referred as "mechais" in Thailand (wikipedia)