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I eventually realized that good things wouldn't happen to me if I didn't make the right choices. ---->>>

I was the girl in the black leather jacket with the black fingernails, picked up after school by guys with loud cars and motorcycles. I carried straight-A grades, but I had a little trouble with rules. I tended to have a bit of an authority problem. ---->>>

Westerns were all daddy liked to watch. Give me some Clint Eastwood, some Charles Bronson, and I was a happy girl. It was our father-daughter bonding. ---->>>

As a lifelong romance reader, it's always satisfying to get to talk to other romance readers! ---->>>

I was very afraid to write a novel - it was a dream for a very long time, and it was one of the few things that I was afraid to try. ---->>>

I watch comic book movies. Give me 'The Avengers,' give me 'Thor', those are my area. But I don't watch comedies. ---->>>

Over a four-month period, I sat down and wrote every day. And then there was a novel, and all of a sudden, there were agents and offers. ---->>>

The world is too fascinating to limit yourself to one path or one sort of people. ---->>>

They say, 'Write what you know.' What I know isn't cheerleader; it has a little bit of teeth to it. ---->>>

'Graveminder' is about a mortician, a young woman with commitment issues, a dead teenager, and a town called Claysville where the dead don't always stay dead. ---->>>

I have amazing kids, an amazing husband, a fabulous career, wonderful parents. If I had to go through some rough spots to get to this amazing place, so be it. ---->>>

I want to say that I really appreciate that readers are willing to work with my tendency to write in several different genres and for different age groups. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 07-25, 1972
Occupation: Author

Melissa Marr (born July 25, 1972) is an American author of young adult/urban fantasy novels.(wikipedia)