Michael Hastings short quotes

By the second sentence of a pitch, the entirety of the story should be explained. ---->>>

In late 2009, I returned to Baghdad after a lengthy absence. I was living alone, in the Hamra Hotel, the twice bombed-out de facto international news bureau. ---->>>

The fact is, psychiatric help is not widely available to CIA agents - and as in the military, there is a stigma attached to admitting post-traumatic stress. ---->>>

Despite failing to get bin Laden, the U.S. government and media portrayed the early Afghanistan war as a great victory. ---->>>

During the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the military conducted only a handful of drone missions. ---->>>

General McChrystal wanted to be on the cover of 'Rolling Stone.' ---->>>

I think it's very difficult to make people care about natives in another country. ---->>>

I think when war becomes your life, I think it's very difficult to have the proper perspective to be able to create a fully balanced policy. ---->>>

I thought Gen. McChrystal was unfireable, that his position was secure. ---->>>

I want to be the greatest investigative reporter of my generation. ---->>>

I welcome all interviews with 'Rolling Stone' magazine, and I'm sure people will talk to me in the future. ---->>>

I went into journalism to do journalism, not advertising. ---->>>

I write for fun. I had written a kind of media satire, but I doubt it will see the light of day. It was just a personal project. ---->>>

I've been in this business now for almost ten years. I've done a lot of stories. I have a pretty good track record. ---->>>

If someone tells you something is off the record, I don't print it. If they don't tell me something is off the record, then it's fair game. ---->>>

It was either write or die for me. ---->>>

My younger brother is a decorated combat veteran and was a platoon leader in Iraq. ---->>>

The genius of David Petraeus has always been his masterful manipulation of the media. ---->>>

To General McChrystal, those men on his team are his family. You know, these guys, they would do anything. They would die for each other. ---->>>

When writing for a mass audience, put a fact in every sentence. ---->>>

You basically have to be willing to devote your life to journalism if you want to break in. Treat it like it's medical school or law school. ---->>>

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